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Immunotherapies for Life

Y-mAbs Capabilities

Y-mAbs has a powerful set of capabilities for the development of biologics. Our product development team includes some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the antibody industry.


Through our collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), Y-mAbs uses efficient methods for exploiting cell lines characteristics to rapidly raise monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting cell surface proteins. MAbs that bind to cell-surface antigens on chosen cell lines are assessed for their biological functions and relevance to disease, rapidly narrowing the candidate choices to those most likely to be suitable for targeting diseases. Using proprietary technologies, Y-mAbs can rapidly assess the prevalence of the targeted antigens on a large number of cell lines and patient samples. This time-efficient clinical-use-driven process contrasts with the many months or years required to express, purify protein and raise antibodies against targets identified in a genomics-based screen. To date, we have created several such antibodies, which support our immunization or selection strategies.

Protein Engineering

Y-mAbs’ protein engineering approach incorporates a core strategy. We rely on a rational design approach, in which scientists use their detailed knowledge of the structure and function of proteins to make desired changes. Based on this strategy, we have developed a library of Fc variants which allow us to improve an antibody’s functional activity through modulation of both activating and inhibitory Fc receptors. Furthermore, we have created our own proprietary platform libraries for multimeric and multispecific antibodies. Both of these libraries have been configured in an easy accessible format, so that we can quickly utilize them for specific antibodies against any targets. Finally, Y-mAbs has significant capabilities for humanization of antibodies within short timeframes.

Clinical & Regulatory

Our company has the capability to support all clinical and regulatory activities from early stage development through license application submission, product approval and beyond. Y-mAbs is leading the development of our product candidates targeting GD2 and B7-H3 originating from and created by MSK. We are currently supporting a series of active clinical programs. These programs include Phase I/II and Phase II trials and require routine regulatory interactions.