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Immunotherapies for Life

Tumor Immunotherapy through huGD2 BsAb

To further improve upon anti-GD2 immunotherapy, scientist at MSK developed a GD2 x CD3 bispecific antibody (huGD2 BsAb), which brings highly potent T cells to directly kill GD2-expressing tumor cells. Our huGD2 BsAb is the first T cell engaging antibody utilizing the BiClone format to enter human clinical trials. The BiClone format utilizes an IgG-scFv format to maximize tumor binding and T cell recruitment and minimize risk of non-specific T cell engagement. In pre-clinical studies, the huGD2 BsAb was shown to be >1000-fold more potent than conventional anti-GD2 IgG antibodies.

Our huGD2 BsAb is currently in a Phase I/II study at MSK.