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Immunotherapies for Life


YmAbs was founded in April 2015 by Thomas Gad, father of a neuroblastoma survivor. Thomas is today Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Head of Business Development and Strategy.

YmAbs is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibody therapeutics for oncology targets based on a range of technologies licensed from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center under an exclusive worldwide license and research collaboration agreement.

YmAbs applies its world-class antibody capabilities to create life-changing immunotherapies for cancer patients of all ages. YmAbs’ innovative product candidates leverage its extensive drug development capabilities and its proprietary protein technology platform MULTI TAG™.

Career Opportunity

Working for YmAbs means unique and exciting career opportunities with a young and growing international company, with an open and trustful working atmosphere. YmAbs prospers great development and professional and personal growth opportunities for its employees.

We are committed to help employees maintain a balance between work life and personal time by providing paid vacation, public holidays and other benefits such as disability, pension and health benefits. Benefits are managed locally on a site basis to comply with local legislation.


Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver novel antibody therapeutics for the treatment of both pediatric and adult cancer patients.

Culture and Values

Our commitment to bringing new therapeutics to the market to save and improve patients’ lives is a strong motivation for employees at YmAbs.

Our aim is to foster a culture of excellence and execution where employees are focused on clear priorities and are passionate about advancing tasks and programs. We work cross-functionally and internationally as one team to gain the most from all competencies.

Our employees work with determination and with respect for each other to achieve our tasks and common goals. We give individuals and teams the autonomy to drive development of innovative products and solutions, knowing that integrity is a core value throughout our company.