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Clinical Trials

Y-mAbs — Clinical Trials

Y-mAbs is conducting clinical trials with products that were granted FDA breakthrough therapy designation to expedite the development and review of the drugs.

To evaluate and see if you can enroll your patients and provide them with an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, review the study summaries below and click on the links to get more information on ClinicalTrials.gov.

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Our clinical trials in neuroblastoma

  • Naxitamab in High-Risk Neuroblastoma

    A Pivotal Phase 2 Study

    Antibody Naxitamab (hu3F8) and Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) in High-Risk Neuroblastoma Patients With Primary Refractory Disease or Incomplete Response to Salvage Treatment in Bone and/or Bone Marrow

    Status: active, recruiting

  • Omburtamab Radioimmunology for Neuroblastoma CNS/LM

    A Phase 2/3 Study

    A Multicenter Trial of the Efficacy and Safety of Intracerebroventricular Radioimmunotherapy Using 131I-omburtamab for Neuroblastoma Central Nervous System/Leptomeningeal Metastases

    Status: active, not recruiting

Our clinical trials in osteosarcoma

Our clinical trials in desmoplastic small round tumors (DSRCT)

  • 131l-omburtamab for DSRCT

    A Phase 2 Study

    131I-Omburtamab in Combination With External Beam Radiotherapy for Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors and Other Solid Tumors Involving the Peritoneum

    Status: active, recruiting

Our clinical trials with GD2-SADA

  • GD2-SADA: 177Lu in SCLC, Sarcoma and Malignant Melanoma

    A Phase 1 Study

    GD2-SADA: 177Lu-DOTA Drug complex in patients with recurrent or refractory metastatic solid tumors known to express GD2, including Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Malignant Melanoma.

    Status: active, recruiting

Clinical Trials

If you have any questions about our clinical trials, please contact Y-mAbs at [email protected]


This description is solely for the purpose of obtaining information on ongoing clinical trials available on the NIH, U.S. National Library of Medicine, ClinicalTrials.gov database. It is not intended, nor should it be construed, as recruitment or advertising for clinical trial subjects, nor is it intended to create or suggest any obligation by Y-mAbs Therapeutics to accept any subjects for such trials, or to describe the terms and conditions for such acceptance or for participation therein. The drug and biologic agents herein are investigational only. In no event are any claims or representations made, either explicitly or implicitly, that the drug or biologic is safe or effective for the purposes under investigation, or that the test article is known to be equivalent or superior to any other drug or biologic.